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12:00 pm on Wednesday December 30, 2009

Don't miss out on this week's City of Charleston police blotter

Image by Flickr user heather_mcnabbIt's time again to satisfy that insatiable urge to laugh at others misfortunes with this week's edition of the City of Charleston's police blotter. A personal favorite from this week's batch goes a little something...
12:38 pm on Wednesday December 9, 2009

The best of the worst crimes: the City of Charleston Blotter

Image by Flickr user Vin60Ever wonder what ridiculous criminal activity happens during the week in downtown Charleston? The Charleston City Paper's Blotter: The Week in Crime takes the guess work out of it and delivers to you the most humorous,...
3:20 pm on Wednesday December 2, 2009

Frying pans, threats and cocaine in this week's Blotter

Image by Flickr user KaCey97007 This week's edition of 'Blotter: The Week in Crime' is here, and it is a great reminder to us all that not everyone is perfect. Or sane. Hop over to the Charleston City Paper for some laughs.
7:00 am on Wednesday November 4, 2009

Drunks, frat boys and thieves in this week's Blotter

Image by Flickr user OregonDOTImage by 20091104-sobriety.jpg The Charleston City Paper has once again gathered the most entertaining criminal follies in this week's 'Blotter: The Week in Crime.'
1:45 pm on Wednesday October 7, 2009

Get your kicks out of this week's Blotter

Image by Flickr user BistrosavageImage by 20091007-blotter.jpg The Charleston City Paper's weekly rundown of humorous criminal activity in the Lowcountry is here. This week's batch of burglars, threats, and misfortunes is particularly funny. Hop...
8:38 am on Thursday September 24, 2009

Check out this week's Blotter, be thankful you didn't make the cut

Image by Flickr user jbrau13Image by 20090924-cops.jpg Best friends forever. The Charleston City Paper has released this week's installment of "Blotter: the week in crime" highlighting the past week's most entertaining criminal blunders.
11:45 am on Wednesday September 16, 2009

This week's Blotter has arrived

Image by Flickr user Dain SandovalImage by 20090916-bar.jpg Catch up on all the humorous crime reports gathered last week by Charleston finest with the Charleston City Paper's 'Blotter: The week in crime.' This week features irons, playground...
4:29 am on Friday September 11, 2009

Blotter: time to laugh at others' misfortunes

Image by Flickr user jasper.Image by 20090911-pee.jpg Everybody gets one. The Charleston City Paper's Blotter: the week in crime gives us a weekly excuse to well, feel better about our lives by laughing at low points in others'. This week is no...