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2:26 am on Wednesday August 15, 2012

Columnist will Moredock departing Charleston City Paper

Image by Charleston City Paper Will Moredock. After 10 years and 500 columns written, the Charleston City Paper's less conservative columnist Will Moredock is bowing out. In part: I retire from the business of writing a weekly column, but I trust...
3:05 am on Sunday March 28, 2010

Ranting about a local columnist, one virtual letter at a time

Image by Flickr user DjenanI'm not really a big fan of the opinion writers you'll find in Charleston, and that include the Charleston City Paper's Will Moredock. But when one fires up the Wi-Fi, you're likely to find that your opinions on such...
11:08 am on Friday May 23, 2008

CP: The South and fatalism

In his column this week, Will Moredock discusses the nature of Southern fatalism, and how it has affected him. Having lived in the South all of my life, first growing up in Alabama and then here in South Carolina, I've wondered about this a lot, as...