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9:48 pm on Wednesday September 11, 2013

Coastal wind energy in Southeast could be big, but far off

While the Southeast coast could tap much energy from coastal winds, don't expect any major developments in the near future.
4:56 am on Monday March 5, 2012

Batten down the hatches: Strong winds in #MYR today

Flickr user magical-world Forecasters have warned of strong winds today until 4 p.m.  Winds are expected to be 25-35 mph with gusts reaching 40 mph. The strongest of the winds are expected between noon and 3 p.m. The Sun News has the full warning. 
10:43 am on Saturday February 25, 2012

Locally owned Wind Turbines hopes to create renewable energy source

Flickr user borisvolodnikov On Thursday, a wind turbine display got quite a bit of attention--and helped to spread the word of turning wind into renewable energy. "South Carolina has been slow in getting onto the renewable energy grid, but it's...
4:51 am on Monday February 13, 2012

Blustery weather brings cold, dangerous conditions to Grand Strand (Update: Fires)

Flickr user master.blitzy Update 2/13/12: We warned of dangerous weather, with chances for fires and sadly those warnings came to fruition. Due to the cold, dry, windy weather the area saw at least three fires over the weekend: Saturday started...
4:25 am on Tuesday December 27, 2011

Thunderstorms in the forecast; Strong wind advisory

Flickr user and RSS pioneer Dave Winer You may want to pick up the holiday yard decorations real quick. A hazardous weather outlook advisory as been issued by the National Weather Service this morning for Horry, Florence, Brunswick, and Georgetown...
5:28 am on Saturday October 29, 2011

Shake out your jackets, Myrtle Beach; Breezy, chilly temps in forecast

Flickr user David Wright The National Weather Service is predicting a little cooler temperatures this weekend compounded by a little rain and wind for this morning.  Keep this in mind if you plan on attending any of the bajillion Halloween events ...
8:54 am on Sunday October 9, 2011

Windy weather brings rip currents, rain; Awesome video

TheDigitel Myrtle Beach Not only is the gusty wind today making it generally unpleasant to be on the beach (unless you needed a good sand blasting), but the National Weather Service warns the weather could make swimming dangerous as well. A rip...
6:51 am on Monday July 25, 2011

Public forum to address local wind energy study

Flickr user johnnyalive winds of change Update 7/26: the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy's open public fourm adressed concerns of Myrtle Beach residents and shed light onto the possible "Green Rush" along the coast.  WPDE has the full write up...
5:32 am on Wednesday July 13, 2011

Coastal Carolina University contributes to development of offshore wind energy

Flickr user Wessex Archaeology Thanet Wind Farm The development of offshore wind energy along the Atlantic Coast is gaining momentum thanks in part to Coastal Carolina University, The North Strand Wind Team and the City of North Myrtle Beach.  A...
7:30 am on Wednesday May 25, 2011

The other sting of hurricanes: Wind, hail insurance rates on the rise in Beaufort County

TheDigitel If you could insure Hunting Island beach, I certainly wouldn't want to pay the bill. It seems as there is one thing scarier to Beaufort County residents than the threat of a hurricane this season — paying more for insurance. The threat of...