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10:14 am on Thursday May 2, 2013

Mike and Mike back on Myrtle Beach airwaves, other radio changes too

If you've been missing ESPN's Mike and Mike in the Morning, have no fear, WKZQ has picked up the rights and is broadcasting the show from 6:00am until 10:00am. The show replaces 'Free Beer and Hot Wings' as WKZQ's morning time talker, but the rest...
10:16 am on Monday October 1, 2012

WRNN looking for new on-air talent via CraigsList

Flickr User: martinkrolikowski Have you ever listened to the radio and said, "I can do that." Well here's your chance. WRNN recently lost conservative talker Tara Servatius to WTMA radio in Charleston leaving Dave Priest and Pat Taylor to fend for...
8:25 am on Friday March 23, 2012

Conservative local radio host, blogger offends and issues half-hearted apology

photo by flickr user AleBonvini "Hot Talk Morning Show" host Tara Servatius resigned as a blogger for the John Locke foundation, a NC-focused, right-wing think tank, after posting a homophobic and racist photo of President Obama. If there's one...