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3:50 am on Sunday October 11, 2009

Word is: First Lady blocked from visiting S.C. due to a 'hostile environment'

Image by Staff illustration, base image by chego101 Image by 20091011-sc.jpg To be clear, there is some doubt just how accurate U.S. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn's remarks are that Michelle Obama is being blocked from visiting South Carolina due...
8:25 am on Monday September 28, 2009

Opinions on Joe Wilson from the border between Democrat and Republican

The boundary between Beaufort and Colleton counties marks the divide between Democratic Jim Clyburn land and more conservative Joe Wilson land.  Read more stories on this subject in our Joe Wilson topic page.The Post and Courier has put together a...
2:54 am on Thursday September 24, 2009

Op-ed piece addresses racist criticisms of the South

Image by Flickr user ada-adelinaImage by 20090924-pen.jpg Edward M. Gilbreth, a Charleston physician, has an op-ed piece in The Post and Courier today that battles back against two accusations against Joe Wilson's "you lie!" remark being based out...
10:06 am on Tuesday September 22, 2009

Joe Wilson outflanks competitor raises $2M to $1.5M

After initially lagging, Joe Wilson's "You lie!" remark has propelled him to $2 million raised.
6:03 am on Friday September 18, 2009

SNL skit on Joe Wilson: Even if you're sick of it, you'll like it

Image by 20090918-wilson.jpg Poor Wilson, no one told him. Yeah, we're all pretty sick of the Joe Wilson "You Lie!" drama, but dang it if Saturday Night Live wasn't able to find a pretty humorous way to poke fun at the whole political system. You...