Anti-Bully Program "When You See Something Say Something"

If you missed Beaufort High School's Theater Departments Anti-Bully Program "When You See Something Say Something" this week that was sponsored by the Rotary Club of the Lowcountry, it is not to late.  They will be doing two performances on November 2nd at Beaufort High Schools Performing Art Center.  There will be two shows: one at 6:00 pm for children ages 4-10 and another at 7:30 for middle and high school age students.  This show is targeted for anyone; children, parents with children, grandchildren or teachers, guidance, etc.  The Theater Department and Mrs. Fess have done an outstanding job with skits and dialogue designed to make you think and instruct you on what to do if you are being bullied. know someone being bullied or if you are just a bystander beacause Bystanders Must Unite! For additional information call 843-322-2152