Beaufort man connected with historic slave painting

Image provided by Beaufort District Collection

According to a brief report published by the Beaufort Historic District's website on their website March 11, a deceased Beaufort man named John Rose has been identified as the likely artist to the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation owned painting.

The painting, which was once described as "the best-known surviving 18th century depiction of slaves in America" and has been published in various educational books and magazines, was previously left anonymous by the artist. Genealogist Dr. Susan P. Shames was able to uncover the probable artist through a variety of advanced techniques and extreme "attention to detail."

To read more about the process Dr. Shames went through in discovering the artists identy, drop by the BDC's research room and look for her book: The Old Plantation: The Artist Revealed. To read the origional article, head over here .