After school arts programs gearing up at Beaufort ArtWorks

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Beaufort ARTWorks is taking registrations (and scholarship requests) for its after school arts programs running from the end of August to mid October. 

Among the classes being offered are acting, moving visual arts, music theory, an arts sampler, circus art, and clay work. It's $45 per child for each 7 week class. Kids 6 to 16.

You can get an application here and call 843-379-2787 to ask about scholarships.

Here's a detailed list of the classes being offered:

Tuesdays, August 31 thru October 12


Performing Arts ~ Acting skills
Jenn Shand, Instructor ~ Ages 9-12
Class Begins: August 31
This class is designed to be a low key and a noncompetitive introduction to acting. Students will gain self confidence in their ability to express themselves as they learn the basic acting skills through drama activities such as role playing, story dramatization, pantomime, improvisation, and scene work.


Visual Arts ~ Art that Moves Kelly Davidson, Instructor ~ Ages 12-16
Class Begins: August 31
Students will learn about design, geometrics, color, focus and motion , as we hand build Kaleidoscopes and wind chimes. Using metals, reflective glass, colored glass and other objects, students will be fascinated by the moveable works of art they are able to create.


Wednesdays, September 1 thru October 13


Performing Arts ~ String Orchestra 
Ami Rabinowitz, Instructor ~ Ages 9-14
Class Begins: September 1
Prepare two orchestra pieces in four parts for a performance while learning music theory and instrument skills. Students will learn a few new scales, warm -up exercises, and even some history about their instrument. This class is intended for the orchestra student with at least a year of strings class or private lessons.

Visual Arts ~ Arts Sampler 
Jada Gray, Instructor ~ Ages 6-9
Class Begins: September 1
Students will learn about color, line and media to create Jasper Johns inspired artwork. Jasper Johns is a famous South Carolina American contemporary artist who works primarily in painting and printmaking.


Thursdays, September 2 thru October 14


Performing Arts ~ Circus Skills 
JW Rone, Instructor ~ Ages 10-15
Class Begins: September 2 
Explore the exciting physical arts of juggling, balancing and clowning and their relationship to performance.

Visual Arts ~ Fun Creations with Polymer Clay 
Kelly Davidson, Instructor ~ Ages 6-9
Class Begins: September 2
This class provides students with a fun learning opportunity in polymer clay art while working on the projects they'll be proud to use or give as a gift. This class will help develop new interests and skills in the fun working environment. Students will learn how to mix colors, create textures, shape and cut and using clay techniques; and apply these to make pens, a mirror and a 3-d aquarium, all using colorful polymer clay.


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