An 'art' of economic development: ARTWorks taking artist studio applications

A studio at ARTworks means a dedicated space to create, in an environment that is designed to incubate arts careers and arts businesses.  

"Out in the community right now," explained JW Rone, executive director of ARTworks, "we have thirty artists and ten businesses that incubated in our studio program. Attention usually goes to bigger programs for that kind of economic development, but we've been quietly growing these small businesses that are so vital to tourism and the economy as a whole."  

ARTworks is accepting applications from artists who are interested in a dedicated, affordable studio in order to thrive, grow, take risks and make daring choices. Artists, and the public, are encouraged to browse ARTworks Tuesdays through Saturdays to get to know this community asset. To learn more about the studios and resident artist program, contact the arts office to make an appointment: 843-379-2787.