Medical Park Deli opens up near Beaufort Memorial Hospital (update: photos, mini-review)

Ken Hawkins/TheDigitel
The turkey.

Update September 12: I finally dropped by the spot off Ribaut Road. What I found was certainly no culinary explosion, but I don't think anyone was expecting that. What it was however was a solid lunch spot that looks like it will serve nearby residents and businesses well. 

I opted for the turkey on wheat with a side of potato salad and a small fountain soda (free refills) and I ponied up just shy of $10 for it (sandwiches range from $6.50 to $7.99.)

You can see my sandwich above and I think the photo pretty well represents what I ate: A solid sandwich with plenty of meat and nothing unusual happening, and all the ingredients tasted pretty fresh.

The potato salad was fine as well, leaning heavy on the mustard side (which is my style, so no complaints there.) My lunch partner opted for the reuben which seemed clean and not overly drenched in thousand island dressing. 

The space is pretty sparse with about a dozen 4-seat tables and order at the counter service (they bring it out to you though.)

Thrifty lunch customers will like their "Brown Bag" special which includes chips for $5.99 and changes by the week. Generally you'll find a simple sandwich there, this week's was chicken salad. 

They also offer a variety of salads and breakfast from 7 to 11; you can see their full menu here. They're open Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Oh and the free Wi-Fi worked and seemed speedy.

There's a slideshow of several other photos from my visit at the bottom of this post.

FIrst reporting September 6: I've been eyeing the spot every time we drive past but just haven't had a chance to drop by yet, but The Island Packet has filed a brief about Medical Park Deli and their New York-style. 

Take a read here.

I didn't take away much of an impression from the brief, but I'll do my best to swing by soon and share if this spot is one to visit for the food or just when you forget to pack a lunch.

Oh, and they have no website yet and are 968 Ribaut Road. I created a profile on Yelp to help 'em out a bit.

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