After prenuptial, Tom Berenger files lawsuit against Beaufort lawyer

Tom Berenger in The Big Chill from 1983.

Beaufort lawyer Dean Bell has a lawsuit aimed at him by actor Tom Berenger for his assistance with a revised prenuptial agreement for Berneger's 3rd wife.

Berneger — from films like The Big Chill (filmed in Beaufort), Platoon, and Major League — says that Bell's representation in 2005 wasn't up to snuff and has cost him more than $100,000. That claim is the basis for the legal-malpractice lawsuit.

Berenger married his 3rd wife, Patricia Alvaran, in 1998 in Beaufort; they split up in 2011.

I'll point you to Courthouse News Service for the rundown; read their report here.

The suit was filed on May 21; you can follow the court record here.

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