Beaufort chamber, visitors center split picking up steam

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Updated at the bottom.

After word first went public in a new release at the start of the month, it seems that talk of spinning off the Visitor and Convention Bureau from the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce is picking up momentum.

Today The Island Packet has a formal report on why the group thinks it's a good idea — read it here

The general gist seems to be that spinning off the groups will allow them to better focus and do more work, but it seems there's been little emphasis on how it might affect operating efficiency of these private but largely publicly funded entities. 

Update February 12: The Island Packet has penned an editorial on the matter.

Largely they have endorsed the idea for offering much in the way of specialization and clarity but also caution that there's a lot of potential negatives that could easily spring up.

Take a read of their piece here.

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