You've been to Islands Meat Market, right?

Islands Meat Market
While the strip mall location isn't a ringing endorsement, the smoker outside on a regular basis is all the convincing most need.

We've previously touted the local gem that is the Islands Meat Market location on Lady's Island. Not only is it a great place to get your meat and other high quality food items, it's the area's only traditional butcher that you can stop by on a daily basis.

Writing for TheDigitel, Allegra Craig wrote:

The Market boasts a wide selection of meats. "We provide high quality meat cut the way you want it," Julian explains. They bring their pork and chicken in from North and South Carolina and Georgia, while their beef is from the Midwest. The pork and chicken has been antibiotic and hormone free for 45 days before it is sold.

They carry lamb, veal, duck, and quail, as well as exotic meats like elk, ostrich, alligator, and frog legs. Plus, Julian makes 13 varieties of sausage in house.

But now you don't have to take our word for it, Lowcountry Weekly's Mark Shaffer recently dropped by and saw much the same. 

In part:

In the modern era of machine sliced, film-wrapped supermarket meat, Julian often finds himself educating his customers. Too lean and the meat's going to be tough, no matter the cut. Too much fat is no good either. No one wants to pay for a piece of meat that's going to melt away on the grill. ... "It's all about educating the customer. Some places do dye their hamburger. You won't find any dye or pink slime in here," he says. "Our burger is pure steak trimmings and lean ground chuck."

Take a read of Shaffer's profile over here.