World travelers have 91 days, so they spent one in Beaufort (updated: Goodbye, Savannah)

Updated Jan. 26: Our friends over at 'for 91 days' have about seen their time run out in Savannah.

Their time here has been so well documented on Facebook and Twitter that it was just a matter of time before the Savannah Morning News caught up with them. You can read that profile here, and we of course invite you to read our original profile below.

Updated Dec. 3: Our friends over at 'for 91 days' have updated their blog with a post about their trip to Beaufort. Give it a read here. There are some great photos on the blog, after all Juergen is a professional photographer.

Reported Nov. 24: [Editor's note: Mike Powell and Juergen Horn are traveling the world, spending no more than 91 days in any one location. They're in the midst of spending 91 days in Savannah, and took time to day-trip up to Beaufort to tour the sites and have lunch with TheDigitel Beaufort. Here's what we learned about them.]

Aside from the thick German accent and the occasional glance over to his partner, Mike, for help understanding terms like charred and fried green tomato, Juergen looks totally comfortable sitting in a booth at Wren in downtown Beaufort.

In fact, Juergen's only faux pax appeared to be ordering a diet coke before quickly switching his drink request to a sweet tea, he is after all in the South.

Juergen and Mike landed in Savannah about a month ago, their previous stop was Oviedo, Spain. 

You see Juergen and Mike spend no more than 91 days in any one location, and they knew they wanted a stint in the Southeast (Mike is from the states and needed to get back to see family, and Juergen hates the cold.)

"Charleston looked to pretty, too ritzy," said Juergen, "and we didn't have to think long about Savannah once we saw it. The first thing we did is watch 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" then we knew that the city was for us."

Savannah is the second stop on their 'For 91 Days' tour. The two have jobs they really can perform from anywhere, Juergen is a freelance photographer and Mike a web developer, and they've never been able to stay any one place very long.

The two met about a decade ago while studying in Boston. Juergen's student visa expired just before 9/11 and Mike said he'd follow him to Europe. They'd pick up and go from place to place before deciding to make it official with 'For 91 Days.'

They blog, take photos, and learn about where they're staying through the people who live there.

Juergen says it's "exciting and fun forcing yourself to explore things," though Mike quickly counters that he's worried they'll never want to settle down.

While in Beaufort the two saw the usual sites: historic homes, Waterfront Park and a trip out to Hunting Island. They said they liked Beaufort and were told by friends in Savannah that it was a necessary day-trip.

And so that's life for Mike and Juergen. Logistics are necessary evil (they pack light, find apartments through Craigslist and send out Twitter alerts asking for help securing a car for three months.)

But it's a life they enjoy, even if their folks don't quite get  it.

"My dad loves this idea," said Mike. "But mom thinks the idea of moving every three months is terrifying."

So how do you keep up with Juergen and Mike? Well they're knee deep in social media and you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and of course on their blog.

All of that online presence is nice, but it does concern Juergen just a little.

"You want to keep it personal, because that adds another dimension to our website," he said. "But you don't want to be an animal in a petting zoo."