Ongoing reports from the Beaufort Extreme Home Makeover

Luke Kerr-Dineen/TheDigitel

The house fell to the ground yesterday to the sound of thunderous cheers from a handful of Marines onsite and the hundreds of volunteers anxiously awaiting their tasks in Extreme Home Makeover Beaufort.

Bulldozing the house marked the true beginning of Beaufort County's nationally televised build, and thus the start of week-long ticking clock that should, if all goes according to plan, conclude with one happy family as new owners of the house of their dreams. 

And so, until that moment comes, I'll be here everyday of the build to report on it's progresses, and anything else which might be of interest.

Day 4, Friday, January 14, 1:40 p.m.

Back at the site and the place is just exploding with energy.

In the 12 hours i've been away the house's second floor has been uplifted and three new batches of volunteers came and went. Yet despite all the nights successes, things have fallen behind.

The house's roof, which a crane is lifting into position while I write, was supposed to be installed this morning. As were the house's doors and windows, which arrived on site just moments ago. The delays have pushed back the installation of the sites electrical wiring until later tonight.

Nevertheless, fueled by the hundred or so fascinated spectators on site and an ungodly amount of caffeine in their systems, the tireless crew endure, marching ever closer towards their ultimate goal that will come next week.

Day 3, Thursday, January 13, 11:54 p.m.

Todd Hawk, the CEO of H2 Builders, left the site about an hour ago to get some rest before returning bright and early tomorrow morning. There's about 60 volunteers on site. Their shift, which is proving to be one of the more productive so far, is about to come to an end, leaving in its wake the frameworks of the soon-to-be house and a nearly-finished roof. A representative from the company "Vertical Construction," the framing company enlisted for the build, said he expects all the house's walls to be fully erected come sunrise.

Day 2, Wednesday, January 12

The house came and a foundation poured. For those who aren't volunteering but want to watch the action, you can head on over there from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. through Monday.