England and Sports


Football is easily the ruler of the world of sports. It is the most played and watched sport in the world. It is telecasted to every single nation on this planet. Almost every nation has a football team. Football is a game that has surpassed all other games in every aspect. England which is considered to be the home of Cricket where the national sport is Cricket, in that country football is a sport that is more famous then cricket. Football leagues in England are the world’s biggest, while if we take a look at national sport of England its activities seem nothing as compared to cricket activities.

One can even say that England has diverted all its attention towards football from cricket. This is being considered the reason why the English cricket team was blown out of the ICC World Cup in the qualifiers. The cricket team of a country whose National sports is Cricket gets knocked out in the qualifiers is quite a shame for that sport and the nation. Many critics are holding the attention of public towards football responsible for this. In other ways it is true to a great extent, if you see a crowd at a cricket match and compare it to a crowd at a football match in England then the difference in numbers becomes quite prominent.

If we compare cricket and football together in England then we would also notice the monetary difference between both the games. Football is a game in which players can easily make millions, footballers are equal to celebrities. They earn more than many of the Hollywood stars. There are more gossips about them in the media then many TV stars. Football has forced many other games to take a fall; it has attracted attention from all other sports towards itself.

If we take a look at betting we would once again notice that betting on football is much greater than cricket. Cricket seems to be losing ground in the field of betting. If you take a look at football betting odds and cricket betting odds online people will be looking for the football betting odds more often. Betting on football ensures a quick result which means more winning in shorter period of time. So now people just get online and place bets on hundreds of betting websites many of which highly dedicate to football. All these betting websites help the people to get maximum out of football.