Fuse843 is back: Talk social media, avoid health insurance mistakes

The fantastic geniuses over at Fuse843 (disclosure: I'm one of the four founders) are starting back up the monthly meetings that aim to cultivate the Beaufort area's creative class.

This month's meeting will be on Wednesday, February 9, and focus on social media best practices with a sidebar on health insurance tips for small businesses and independents — both sessions will have open Q&As after.

Founder Ian Leslie said that the group took some time off in recent months, "due to other priorities getting in the way," but, "We're looking to make things more consistent, holding our meetings the second Wednesday of each month, and we're also upgrading our website to allow for more collaboration and organizing of informal meet-ups in between the regular meetings."

Leslie will head up the bit on social media best practices and says the inspiration has come from, "seeing professionals and businesses utilize social media, or really any kind of online marketing, with a sort of wild, wild West attitude. It's as if they say: 'This is all new, so whatever I do will be better than nothing.'"

After that Reese McFaddin of Workplace Benefits will present for an auxiliary topic on health care myths debunked and a Q&A.

The meeting will be at 6 p.m. at City Java and News at 301 Carteret Street in downtown Beaufort. You can view a Facebook invite here.