The Chocolate Tree's all you can eat night is coming

The Chocolate Tree
Beaufort turning out for the 2011 installment.

The annual stuff-your-face-with-lots-of-tasty-chocoalate tradition continues this August.

The 28th Annual "All You Can Eat Night" at The Chocolate Tree will return Friday, August 17.

Yes, all you can eat at a chocolate shop.

As usual there will be two sessions, the first from 6:30 to 8:15 p.m. and the second from 8:30 to 10:15. 

Here's the explainer from the shop of what to expect for newbies:

What will happen is that for the duration of your session the store will be open for you to sample practically anything you'd like. You're able to choose chocolates and truffles from behind the counter, and there are many stock boxes open for quick grabbing. Jelly beans and all of the loose candy are available to you too. You may bring the beverage of your choice, anything from water to champagne. We also have sodas, milk, and water for sale in case your forget or run out. The experience is fun and delicious for people of all ages. Ticket price is the same for adults and children but there is no charge for hand babies. 

Advanced tickets are on sale now ($15; $20 at the door if space is available.)

The store is at 507 Carteret Street in downtown Beaufort (843) 524-7980.