Another Bay Street business closing: Kathleen's calling it quits (update: today's it)

Facebook photo from the Kathleen's fan page
The back porch of Kathleen's

Upate September 4: Well we were originally told by owner Kathy Bussing that today, September 4, would be the last day for Kathleen's and she had asked that we hold back on sharing that until today.

But now we're hearing chatter that Sunday may actually be the last day. I'll be honest, I'm tired of chasing this puppy, but rest assured that tonight is the last Saturday and the last night to really give Kathleen's a send off if you like to part.

First reporting: September 3:

Kathleen's Bar & Grille, which opened on Bay Street in June 2003, is about to close their doors for good.

We first caught wind of this through a Twitter update from a member of Kathleen's staff, and it was confirmed by a member of the restaurant's management.

We have been sitting on this one for while and will update with a few more details on Saturday, but the news is definitely public now as there's a lengthy thread over on the restaurant's Facebook page.

As for why the closing down, in part owner Kathy Bussing says: "The emotions are still running high, but the happiness I have brought to myself and my family will overcome the sadness of it all. I lived through the 'She won’t make it 6 months,' 'She won’t make it a year' and more.

"I feel I have overcome some of the toughest times in the last 14 years in Beaufort. I lived through my first year with a motor cycle accident leaving me with high medical bills and physical therpy, our waterfront park closure, the bridge closure, the falling economy, a battle with skin cancer, the downtown music issues, the parking, the crime and now all I have worked for 25 years gone."

If you're sad to see the spot go, hop onto the Facebook thread and swing by the spot sooner than later.

Kathleen's is at 822 Bay Street and occupies the storefront that once held Ollie's By The Bay. Kathleen's kept a lot of the same feel that Ollie's had, including live music on the back deck most weekends.

Will be interesting to see what can fill the space in this economy. And it's also worth noting that this news comes just after word that Bay Street Trading is closing this month as well and we just saw a report that "tourism is doing well."