Westboro Baptist protests (and counter-protests) come to downtown Savannah (update: video)

Flickr user harbor88
Expect visuals like this, plus a lot of noise.

Update May 28: The second day of protests was held as area students graduated from high school on May 27 — and there were more counter protests.

WSAV has another solid report that is worth a watch not only for the usual spectacle that are Westboro protests, but also for an inspiring message of love and tollerance.

Give it a watch here and get coverage of the prior week's protests below.

Update May 23, protest day 1: Well the protests did come — and, as always, there were many curious protest and anti-protest signs.

Hop on over to WSAV for the fun video report.

First reporting: Thinking of making a road trip down to Savannah this weekend? Well, now you have a reason to reconsider (or more reason to go, if this is your sort of thing): the infamous Westboro Baptist Church has several protests scheduled.

They're due to protest at a half-dozen sites this Saturday, May 21, and a half-dozen more on Friday, May 27. And along with all those anti-troop, anti-gay, anti-lots-of-stuff picketing will come lots of counter-protests.

It's quite the spectacle, and a parking kerfuffle.  

If you're not familiar with the group, check out the Wikipedia page, and if you want to know more details about the protests, head over to WTOC's article.

There will almost certainly be video of this one; we'll get you a link when it's up.