Board of Education to revisit school rezoning proposal (update: board votes, zones remain the same)

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Update April 13: The Board of Education voted March 12 to leave Beaufort County's school zones the same for the next "two or three years," according to a report from Kate Cerve from the Island Packet.

A heated meeting apparently confirmed the decision, after angry parents were not shy in letting their local politicians know where they stood on the issue.

Follow this link to give that article a read.

Update March 21: The Beaufort County Board of Education voted unanimously Saturday to freeze out-of-zone transfers into popular public programs for at least a year.

According to an article from The Island Packet, the county last year approved more than 95% of their nearly 2,000 transfer requests. The new actions undertaken by the Board seek to dampen those numbers starting with Beaufort High School, who will as a result of the new rules no longer be eligible to accept transfer students.

Some under capacity schools which will continue to accept transfer students include Bluffton High School's Advanced Scholars program, Hilton Head Island High School's International Baccalaureate program, and Whale Branch High School's Early College program.

Follow this link to read the Packet's piece on the subject.

First reported March 16: There are a few reports floating around about the possibility of rezoning the county's public schools.

The Beaufort County Board of Education plans to hold a, all-day, open-to-the public work session Saturday, March 19, at 9 a.m. in the central district office.

The board said that the problem re-arose because some schools, Beaufort High, for example, currently stand over capacity while others nearby, such as Battery Creek High and Whale Branch Early, stand grossly under capacity. 

The Island Packet has the best coverage of the piece out there, follow this link to read their article and get the meeting agenda here.