Last day to register to vote in GOP primary

Flickr user programwitch

Of the Republican inclination and interested in voting in the January 21 primary? Well, today, December 21, is your last chance to register.

(Of the Democrat inclination? There is no Democrat primary this time, so hold tight until November.)

You don't need to register by party in South Carolina, but if you have moved you need to get your registration updated at 15 John Galt Road. (843) 255-6900. 

You can find out general information on what you need to register to vote on and get the registration form in advance over here and the voter update form over here. And if you're not sure about the status of your registration, check that here.

You can also mail your registration form as long as it is postmarked by today.

You can also use this form to find out where your precinct to vote is.