Beaufort County's auctioning delinquent tax properties (updated)

Flickr user Kevin Spencer

Update October 5: The Island Packet was there for the selling and has a nice write-up as well as a bit of looking back at last year's associated embezzlement scandal; take a read here.

First reporting, October 4:

The annual auctioning of properties behind on their taxes starts today, October 4, and may run until Tuesday, or even Wednesday.

I won't spend too much time rehashing the concept of selling properties that haven't had their taxes paid in a year, or how owners of properties being sold today have a year to pay the back taxes with interest to today's high bidder.

The Post and Courier has a nice piece about how few of these properties actually change hands and how the money making is usually in the up-to 12% interest.

But if you're just looking for more specifics about the Beaufort County tax sale that starts this morning check out this article at The Island Packet.

Also, you can pre-register for the sale online.