Beaufort's Riverview Charter School begins vision for permanent home (update: Beaufort Elementary proposal tabled)

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Update April 27: It appears the proposal to place Riverview Charter School in Beaufort Elementary has been taken off of the Beaufort City Council's table, and Council has a bit of egg on its face for not including Beaufort Elementary and the school district in its discussions with Riverview.

Head on over here to check out the Island Packet's coverage of Tuesday night's City Council meeting where council members apologized for their role in the lack of communication.

Update April 13: The Island Packet has a report out claiming that Beaufort Elementary School on Bay street is the likely favorite among council members to permanently host the riverview charter school.

Council is believed to be looking for a location downtown after voting to do so last year.

Head over here to check out that article.

First Reporting: As the Island News puts its, Riverview Charter School is "bursting out of every crevice at the temporary location, which used to house the Humanities School and Beaufort Elementary School."

So the school's board, led in this effort by facilities chair Mallory Baches, co-founder of DPZ Pacific, is starting to cast a vision of what its future, permanent facility will look like.

To get there, the Riverview board is holding a Visioning and Programming Kick-Off Workshop on Dec. 6-8 at Beaufort City Hall.

Check out The Island News' writeup on the program and Baches here.