The skies have some bad news for your weekend plans

One of the Lowcountry's many wet days.

While the arrival of last night's storms in South Carolina signaled the break of the oppressive temperatures, high humidity and a 109-degree heat warning will remain — along with much rain and thunder this weekend.

(In Charleston, an unofficial record heat index of 124 was recorded.)

Scattered thunderstorms are expected to start hitting the Lowcountry early this afternoon and persist on and off through Sunday. 

In all, more than two inches is probable to fall. 

Along with that rain, Thursday should be the last day this week of plus-100-degree heat indexes with Friday falling to a brisk low of 74, high of 85, and feel of 95 (break out your snow skis!).

However, there is some hope that the storms may consolidate further south near the Savannah River. The National Weather Service says, "It is becoming more likely that scattered to numerous thunderstorms will impact much of the region with the bulk of the activity concentrating across southeast Georgia and our South Carolina counties bordering the Savannah River."

If so, hopefully Beaufort could win the cooler temperatures without getting totally washed out — either way, I wouldn't go far from the umbrella.

So it's oppressively hot and rainy: How do you have fun in this sort of weather? 

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