Clear the clutter on your desk

Personalized Solutions clears the clutter on the desk

The number one issue for most office environments is paper.  Paper comes in as a constant stream, but never seems to make it anywhere other than into piles in and around a work space.  It is estimated that at least one and one half hours is wasted on a messy desk.  That time translated over a five day period equates to an entire work day.


Jill Weaver, owner of Personalized Solutions brings her organizational expertise to the Technical College of the Lowcountry to provide individuals with the skill set they will need to uncover a desk top environment, to manage paperwork and to create simple filing systems. “The home office serves multiple purposes and there within lies the immediate problem. That is, two entities, the home office and the professional work space, co-existing in a single area,” says Weaver.  She’s been organizing work and personal spaces since 2002 and guarantees that an organized desk allows one to get more done while at the same time simplifying one’s life.  


Typically an issue necessitates a change in a home or work related environment.  Sometimes it’s a simple matter of marital status that brings about change, with those forging unions as the blenders or those divorcing each other as the separators.  Other times it’s a life transition such as a business expansion, relocation, death or prolonged illness that calls attention to a need for greater organization moving forward.  According to Weaver, armed with her practical knowledge and a set of paper retention guidelines participants in her course become motivated and immediately apply what they’ve learned with a long term view for better management, conscious ergonomics and greater efficiency.


Desk Rescue is a two-hour course offered on May 11, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at TCL’s Beaufort campus.  The cost to attend this course is $25 per person.




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