Child delivered at Lady's Island fire station due to heavy traffic (Update: Giving thanks)

Still image by Flickr user "Theophilus Photographpy"

(Updates at the bottom.)

Due to unfortunate heavy traffic Marine Cpl. Joey Depoyster and his wife Elena Hopkins-Depoyster were not able to make it to the hospital in time to deliver the baby, but luckily they were close to the Lady's Island fire station -- which was where their baby would be delivered.

WTOC 11 has the feature report, check it out up top or over here.

Update February 16: A grateful family has given the fire station and the men and women that work there a special plaque for their efforts. 

WTOC 11 has a follow up report with photos of the family, firemen and women, and, of course, the baby; see it all here.

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