Ospreys make their way back to Hilton Head

Flickr user Sergey Yeliseev

Spring is certainly on its way--and it's clear with the return of the osprey!

Palmetto Electric Cooperative's osprey webcam spied a pair of ospreys in the next on Hilton Head Island's Mathews Drive. A male osprey returned on February 1st, and a female followed shortly after.

And webcam viewers report that there was some lovin' taking place in the next on--believe it or not--good old Valentine's Day.

But that's not the only place that ospreys have been spotted--they've also been seen on the electric tower in Mackays Creek

Why is this so exciting? Because the return of the osprey, when followed by the production of healthy offspring, means that there are fewer contaminants in the water. All in all, it's a sign of good environmental health for us all.

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