National Geographic pans Myrtle Beach for its lack of environmental stewardship

Flickr user Willamor Media
Myrtle Beach isn't a town that gives you a feel of being at one with nature.

In National Geographic Traveler's annual rating of 99 coastal areas around the world for their "sustainable tourism and destination stewardship," a panel of experts included Myrtle Beach in the review list.

And they subsequently destroyed it with their pen.

The magazine says, in part, "Unapologetically paved over by golf courses, strip malls, water parks, and concrete high-rises, Myrtle Beach is 'the definition of unsustainable.' The state parks in its vicinity are worth a visit, however."

Sadly they didn't make a trip out to our wonderful Hunting Island or I'm sure Beaufort would have been near the top of their list.

You can read a bit of reaction to the news over at The (Myrtle Beach) Sun News, you can also read the magazine's full words here. If you'd like to see the magazine's scoring criteria or just check out the full best and worst list head here (no other South Carolina destinations were rated.)