Lowcountry makes the grade for 'American's Best Cities for People-Watching'

The Charleston Farmers Market: one of the best people-watching spots in our big sister to the north.

We all love the Lowcountry for its history and charm, but let's not forget it's also full of curious folks.

Travel and Leisure Magazine has included two of the Lowcountry's key cities, Savannah and Charleston, in its 'America's Best Cities for People-Watching.'

Charleston gets points for being "good-looking and friendly," while Savannah is noted for being "tasteful and friendly." (Is that a face-made-for-radio dig?)

Ranked No. 7 on the list, Charleston comes right behind such cities as San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York City, Honolulu, and Savannah at No. 3.

And I can't help but think that reflects well on the charm of our cooky little town by the river.

The magazine already called our region sexy, and now interesting, so when are they going to ask the big question?

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