The assignment list: September's nearly over and there's a lot to cover in Beaufort

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If no one writes about it, did it happen?

Frequent readers know that a big part of what makes TheDigitel unique is that we're a local media site for the locals-by-the-locals, and that means you don't need to send your article to us for review — you can publish it.

With that in mind, here a few things that you might consider checking out and spreading the word about:

  • Mikki's eatery on Paris Ave in Port Royal has been open since August, yet it seems no one has reviewed it. A few words, chatting with the owner, and some photos could be illuminating. 
  • The streetscape on Bladen was quite extensive and the street has now reopened to pedestrians and traffic. Stop by, check it out, and share your impressions and some photos.
  • The Short Story America Festival is here. Share your take on where it succeeded and where it could be better next time.
  • A number of restaurants and bars have been proposed for 205 West Street, but none have yet to happen. What's the story there?
  • Crime is back on the local mindset, but how are locals reacting? Are restaurants being more keen on locking rear doors? Are locals being sure to lock their doors and remove valuables from their cars?

Locals covering locals, it's a great way to pull the community together and connect. If you're new to the Open Community, all you need is to make a free account and write some words and upload a photo.

We're here if you need help: @TheDigitelBFT and

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