Making choices, we can all support causes in need this season

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My mailboxes, postal and electronic, are full of requests for

All are from legitimate organizations that add value in my
local community, statewide, or nationally. But how do we decide who gets
something and who will not make the cut at this time?

These are
decisions based on real emotional issues for me. A very dear and close
relative had breast cancer, so do I support breast cancer research so we
truly can find the cure? My mother suffered from Alzheimer's for 10
years. There are wonderful support organizations for families and
caregivers right here in my lowcountry community that can help others
deal with what I did for those years. Will I put their request in the
pot? I was an educator for over 30 years. Helping children is a high
priority. I know the needs are great in that area. Will a fraction of my
giving make any difference?

I am sometimes overwhelmed by the
needs in my community and at the same time proud when I hear a nonprofit
organization has met its fundraising goals. Then I realize I am not in
this alone.

Many others are contributing too. As we approach this
season of giving and giving thanks, I hope you will look around your
community and see where you can make a difference. Even better, call us
at Coastal Community Foundation and we can help guide your giving in a
way that meets your charitable intent.

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