Profiling Beaufort's burger scene

The burger at Breakwater is one of my favorites in town.

Lowcountry Weekly is roaming town, tracking down a great Beaufort every couple of months or so.

Here we save you the effort of tracking down those pieces.

Installment 1, Rosie O'Grady's: To start off they checked out the burger at this spot near Kmart and seem to be generally impressed, stating in part, "Pressley’s burger philosophy is in line with my own. A great burger should make your knees buckle. 'Everybody likes hamburgers and a good hamburger is easy to make,' he says, 'but a lot of people screw it up by cooking all the juice out and turning it into a hockey puck. We don’t serve hockey pucks.'" Read their profile over here.

Installment 2, Lowcountry Produce Market & Cafe: Here, it seems, Lowcountry Weekly fell in love with pimento cheese all over again, saying, "the most diabolically clever addition to a slab of USDA prime ground beef: Pimento Cheese." Read their profile over here.

Installment 3, Wren: If you've ever had a burger at Wren, you know that one thing stands out above it being tasty and paired with some excellent cheese toppings and shoestring fries (and some of the best beer selections in town) — the size. It's a 14-ouncer burger that'll keep you going for 36 hours. These points don't escape Lowcountry Weekly's in their latest burger profile — read it here.

Installment 4, Plums: Making up for a lack of thickness in individual patties, Plums instead offers two patties with often a layer of goonies slid in between. And they offer a respectable craft beer selection along with sweet potato fries. Lowcountry Weekly seems to appreciate the lineup — read their write-up here.

Beaufort's burger scene is robust and I'm glad to see Lowcountry Weekly cataloging it — and if you hadn't yet heard, Fat Patties is now open.

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