Collard greens may soon be S.C. Official Vegetable (update: passes Senate, and would you believe there was debate?)

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Updated April 28: Well the bill to make collard greens S.C.'s official state vegetable passed the Senate today, but would you believe there actually was quite a bit of debate?

In fact it only passed 30-12. Read The Associated Press story here.

And let me be clear, when I say "would you believe there was quite a bit of debate" I'm not saying others can't have an opinion and suggest a different vegetable, I'm simply saying I can't believe time is being wasted to debate this. 

Look for more debate in the House soon.

Reported April 17: Collard greens are a regular staple of any respectable Southern kitchen. Which is perhaps why the Senate Committee on Judiciary is considering bill 823, which would make them the official state vegetable. 

With other official state designations like state beverage (milk) and state insect (mantis), it's a bit surprising that the vegetable hasn't been decided long ago. While the gears of government turn and labor over such a serious decision, we'll just share some collard green links.

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Other notable official state organics: The peanut is the official snack food, the peach is the official fruit, and let's not forget that the "official state popular music" is beach music.

But, as the bill says, "collard greens are a healthy addition to any southern meal."

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