Mapping Beaufort's free Wi-Fi Internet spots

Flickr user ryanlintelman
Sadly the palmettos don't have Wi-Fi transmitters, just occasional tree droppings.

(Updates at the bottom.)

Remember when Beaufort, more specifically Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park, was supposed to get free Wi-Fi for all residents and visitors.

It first was discussed in 2005 and again in 2008. While there's still no free Wi-Fi over Waterfront Park or the rest of the city, there are several businesses that do offer the service.

So here's the next best thing: a map that will help you find the closest source, and even help you schmooze your way into a password, if necessary.

Update December 11: This Wi-Fi map has been kicking it for well over a year now and could likely use a bit more community updating.

We've added all the changes we're aware of, but we certainly haven't gathered all of them, so help us out and add to this public Google map of Beaufort hot spots