Free Public Reiki Clinic

Are you curious about Reiki, but want a taste before you commit?

Do you wish you could get regular treatment, but it’s beyond your financial means?


Often when you hear about something new, you need more information or even some “hands-on” experience before you dive in.  It’s important to know that you’re making a choice that fits your needs, values, and outlook on life.  With so many options available today, you want to be as well informed as possible.

Sometimes you know what you need, but your financial circumstances seem to be blocking your path forward. You may have had Reiki treatment before, have friends who’ve recommended it, read about it in the press, or heard about it at a medical support group. You feel it could help you, and you’d like to be able to have on-going treatment. What to do?

The once-a-month Reiki Clinic could be a solution. The clinic was started by local Reiki practitioners and is available to the public at no charge.  For more information contact:  Dottie @ (843) 252-7716, or Ifetayo @ (802) 730-3071,

Location:   Where Body Meets Soul 

                        1606 B Paris Avenue  
                        Port Royal, SC


When:     Sunday, August 22, 2010

            1:00 - 4:00 p.m.







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