Study: S.C. agribusiness could reap another $16 billion for the state

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South Carolina could see another $16 billion in revenue and 10,000 jobs if a full investment is made in its agribusiness sector, according to a study undertaken by the University of South Carolina’s Darla Moore School of Business and released last week.

The report says that South Carolina has about 188,000 direct and indirect jobs associated with agribusiness and that the economic output generated by this sector has been estimated to be more than $30 billion. -- In fact the output of farming, forestry, and similar business in South Carolina generates more revenue than manufacturing and tourism, combined.

The Charleston Regional Business Journal has an interesting article on the study, one that makes you wonder if the state as a whole is signed on to agriculture as a true economic business sector. Check out the full story here.

The state's most popular push to make people aware of buying S.C.-grown fruits and vegetables is the Certified South Carolina initiative.

The face of the Certified South Carolina program for a spell had shifted to the "Become a Palmettovore" campaign, which I must admit I always found odd. You can check out the Palmettovore web site here and some marketing videos below.

Mentioned in the study is that for every dollar spent on a Certified South Carolina Grown Campaign there would be a return of $5.8 thanks largely to folks being willing to spend more to get local produce.

Regardless, it will be interesting to watch to see if state and local government is able to find the money to make an additional investment in agribusiness, per the study's suggestions.

You can check out the full study here and keep up with farming news on our topic page.

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