Is Beaufort due to get a new shopping center? Not so fast! (updated: Maybe there is something to it)

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Updated December 20: The Island Packet has a report that there indeed is something to talk of a new shopping center going up across from the Walmart on S.C. 170.

The Packet's report (read it here) states that Horne Properties has yet to confirm any tenants and is debunking rumors that Costco or Target will be the big anchor.

No big surprise to see that corridor being developed, was just a matter of time once S.C. 170 was widened.

Reported November 30: From the looks of the signs posted on S.C. 170 and S.C. 280 near Walmart you'd think Beaufort is due to get a new shopping center. But your dreams of a Target, Barnes & Noble and Starbucks are unlikely to become a reality any time soon.

The two signs that recently were posted promote a development owned by Knoxville, Tenn.-based Horne Properties. But Horne Properties doesn't have any Beaufort/Port Royal developments listed on its website, and according to the Beaufort County website the company doesn't own any land in northern Beaufort County.

Calls and emails to Horne Properties haven't been returned, but we do know that Horne Properties is the primary land owner of Okatie Crossings. You may remember that Sembler was to buy the property from Horne, but that fell through after all of the tax incentive debate. Read up on that over at the Island Packet.

So until we hear otherwise, it's our belief that these 'Shopping Center' signs were simply strategically placed in high-traffic areas in Beaufort, but in fact are promoting the Okatie development.