Park size, building reuse: Details emerge as Port of Port Royal sale is approved

(Updated at the bottom.)

With the sale approved by the S.C. Budget and Control Board, details are emerging on a possible future for the Port of Port Royal.

The prospective buyer, the Port Royal Redevelopment Group, has 120 days to complete the $17 million sale of 51.6 acres of developable land and 265 acres of marsh. 

And so far the few details available about their plans have many locals smiling: a 10-acre park (well, 9.8 to be exact but given how the last developer wanted to make it far smaller we think most won't argue), several other public spots where the water can be viewed, and repurposing of many of the larger structures.

The Island Packet also has a report on the deal (read that here) which is most notable for the infographic they did of the schematic that shows land use (view it here.) If you prefer your news in video format, check out WTOC 11's report (watch it here.) 

You can read the full sale document approved by the Budget and Control Board here.

Update October 9: The port redevelopment project is returning to the foreground with conversations and concerns being raised — there's little concrete yet, but you can check in on the discussion with this report at The Island Packet.

Update October 14: The port redevelopment continues to inch its way into the light with a first-reading approval by Port Royal Town Council.

The Island Packet has a report that shows some early concept drawings and what the big questions are; take a read here.

All eyes are on a yet-to-be determined public meeting to hash out the details. 

Update November 6: More details on the port redevelopment continue to emerge on how the project would proceed.

The Island Packet has a nice summation of the nitty gritty (read that here) and the Town of Port Royal has published some illuminating documents (linked to below).

Documents: The proposed development agreement (878 pages) and a schematic map of the development.

We'll be sure to continue to keep you updated as the project progresses.

Update November 24: Opining on what the development deal could mean for Port Royal and through that column offers a bit of insight into what's next; read it here.