Morning power outage spread from Port Royal to St. Helena and Frogmore (update: coming back)

Update 11 a.m.: SCE&G officials are saying the problem stemmed to a blown power line insulator and that most areas are getting their power back now.

The last to get power restored were some 2,500 customers on St. Helena Island, a process that was underway at 11:30.

First reporting, 7 a.m.: Looks like South Carolina Electric & Gas is experiencing some difficulties in Beaufort County this morning, though its online outage map doesn't reflect as much.

According to Facebook and Twitter several are without power from Port Royal all the way out to St. Helena.

Despite that, the only outage showing up on SCE&G's website is in Charleston.

We hope power comes back on for you all soon, because right now it's 42 degrees, though it feels like 38.

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