New size, new distribution, new editor: Changes continue at Bluffton Today

New format on the left, old on the right.

Bluffton Today, the paper that started up with much blogging fanfare back in 2005, has seen a lot of changes over the past several weeks.

On August 24 the paper switch to a standard newspaper "broadsheet" format (shown up top) and restored the free delivery to all Bluffton homes — and it cut back to delivering on Wednesdays and Sundays; you can read more about that switch here.

The paper is part of and printed by The Savannah Morning News, so switching to the same form factor of its parent publication has a logical synergy.

And now today the paper has announce that it's editor of seven years Erinn McGuire is headed to an unnamed destination and that Savannah Morning News Metro Editor Kathy Nelson will take over at the helm; more on that news here.

I know this news isn't exactly north of the broad, but it's food for thought on the local reporting ecosystem, especially as TheDigitel does, on occasion, cite Bluffton Today coverage.

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