Hargray e-mail users unable to receive outside messages

Flickr user larskflem

What do February 1, July 7, and November 6 have in common?

They're all dates of notable Internet communication failures in the local area for Hargray.

Yesterday the service provider announced:

Hargray.com email subscribers may have been unable to receive email messages from outside domains (examples: Gmail / Yahoo! Mail / Hotmail) Earlier today. Emails between hargray.com addresses and from hargray.com addresses to outside domains still appeared to be processing normally. We've confirmed this to be a Postini/Google DNS problem that may be affecting others as well as hargray.com subscribers and we resolved this issue on our end. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

If you are you a Hargray user how is service working now?

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