Shootings, tasings, machetees, and more: Police reports abound in Beaufort


Beaufort is generally pretty quiet with no more than one or so notable story of physical assault, robbery, or — in the very rare occasions — a homicide per week.

Things have been a good bit more active as of late.

Let's do the rundown:

- On Tuesday Beaufort Police used a taser on a man with a machete near the corner of Boundary and Scott streets in downtown and was insisting that God had instructed him to carry the blade.

- On Tuesday night police investigated a report of shots fired near Congress and Monson streets downtown.

- On Wednesday Jerrod Nathan Taylor of Beaufort was arrested after a July 25 shooting at Spanish Trace Apartments near Port Royal. He is accused of shooting two men and charged with attempted murder.

 - On Wednesday four were arrested following an armed robbery of a man in the parking lot of 11th Street Dockside Restaurant in Port Royal.

In related news, a Bluffton man, Arthur Smith, was sentenced to 30 years after he was convicted on charges of criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

As always, keep up with the latest in these unfortunate area tales in our crime section.

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