S.C. works to crack down on copper thieves (update: less crime)

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Update August 14: More on what we know here, that a new law regulating the sale of scrap metal likely will help reduce crimes related to copper theft.

At least that's the hope.

Check out The Island Packet story here. 

Update August 11: The new law that adds regulation to track the buying and selling of scrap metal goes into effect on Wednesday, August 17.

The bill, of course, aims to slow rampant copper and other metal thefts that were easy to take and sell off with relative anonymity.

The State has a nice profile on the new rules (read it here.)

— Update by Ken Hawkins.

First reporting June 15: The S.C. Senate has approved measures that aim to slow down what's really become a national issue of copper thefts.

The new law would outlaw cash payments in copper transactions and require permits from those who resell copper. You can read the brief State writeup here.

This made my ears perk up more so than usual because of what we reported back in April regarding HVAC units being stolen from LowCountry Habitat for Humanity homes while under construction. If you missed that you can check it out here.

This all is part of the same issue with thieves stealing copper, catalytic converters and HVAC units and selling them illegally. 

Update June 19: Nikki Haley has signed the measure into law.

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