Beaufort officials want answers on judge's altercation with police (update x3: shame column)

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First reporting October 5, updates at bottom.

The Beaufort Police Department did not use special treatment when officers decided not to arrest a part-time city judge, Mary Sharp, who was believed to have been intoxicated when confronted Saturday night on Bay Street, the Island Packet reported this morning.

The Packet has the full writeup of the incident and the release from the Beaufort Police Department; read about it here.

Since this morning's report Packet police reporter Patrick Donohue has tweeted that "City Council wants to know more about altercation between part-time muni judge and police" and that City Councilman Gary Fordham said "It doesn't sound very good."

We'll expect more out of this story.

Update October 6: The Island Packet has a followup report on this incident and checked in with members of the Beaufort City Council; give it a read here.

Update October 15: Judging by a report in the Packet, it looks like there's no will in the city to pursue the mater about Mary Sharp. If you scroll to the bottom of that report, you'll get some details what was a rather odd event that night.

Update October 28: The Island Packet has penned a shame-on-you-city-council column for not investigating the situation with more vigor. It's worth a read if for no other reason than to read the phrase, "lying prostrate on a Bay Street sidewalk." There's also some good information in it about how council might have its hands tied a bit. Take a read here.

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