City of Beaufort could soon ban texting and driving, and calling when under 18

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Update: The proposal is now an official ordinance.

Update August 30: The ban has passed first reading and now heads to a second reading — likely at the next council meeting — where if it passes would become law.

Update August 21: A proposed plan to ban texting in the City of Beaufort continues forward with a first vote expected in a week, but subsequent votes and a planned education campaign could result in many months before enforcement begins.

The Island Packet's Erin Moody offers an update that you can read here.

First reporting: During 2012, South Carolina legislators once again worked towards a ban texting but ultimately it died awaiting Senate action

However, despite the demise of House Bill 4451 the City of Beaufort is looking to ban texting while driving within city limits.

That effort is being spearheaded by City Councilman George O'Kelley in a way that much mirrors the house bill, where offenders could be fined up to $150 — no one would be allowed to text, and those under 18 would be prohibited from making phone calls while driving.

The Island Packet has a solid rundown on the proposal; take a read here.

If you've got words of encouragement (or the opposite), you can e-mail O'Kelley at

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