Lawsuit against two Bluffton paramedics gets messier still (Update: Settled, terms not yet known)

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(Updates at the bottom.)

Remember how there was a lawsuit filed against two paramedics after Brian Lanese of Bluffton was poorly handled during a 911 call? 

Well, that case has been worming its way along for three years now and sounds like a right mess with allegations of sealed public documents, improper jude-defense communication, document hiding, and more.

The Island Packet has a report on the latest in the sad saga; read it here.

Update November 28: The Island Packet is still incensed by the county's contradictory stances of not agreeing with the court's order to withhold public information and the county having requested it.

The paper writes in a column that, the county seems less interested in, "trying to determine whether two people whose job is to provide critical life-saving services to the people of Beaufort County performed as they should the night Brian Lanese was beaten."

Take a read of it over here.

Update March 1: The Island Packet writes that the lawsuit has been settled out of court.

Expect and update soon on the terms of that settlement.

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