Former USC football, current Denver Broncos player Kenny McKinley found dead (update: funeral arrangements)

Denver Broncos

Update September 27: The Associated Press is reporting that McKinley's funeral will be held this morning in suburban Atlanta. There's a brief AP writeup here.

Update September 22: There's still no concrete "why," but a picture has emerged of a McKinley depressed by his inability to play football due to his knee injuries.

This updated Denver Post article is your best spot to learn more.

First reporting September 21: 

In what appears to be an suicide, Denver Broncos wide receiver Kenny McKinley (and former University of South Carolina star) was found dead at his home at approximately 3:25 p.m. on Monday, September 20.

After setting records for the Gamecocks, 2009 was McKinley's first pro season but was hampered by injuries. -- Right now there seems to be general surprise at the 23-year-old's death, with those who are talking about the death saying the boisterous athlete seemed in generally good spirits having just returned from a trip home.

The Denver Post has perhaps the best report, it can be read here.

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