Armed robbery, attempted murder charges, and general crime reports abound in Beaufort County


Beaufort County is generally a pretty sleepy place with no more than one or so notable story of physical assault, robbery, or homicide a week. Things have been a good bit more active as of late.

Even in the very quiet parts of downtown Beaufort.

Let's do the rundown:

- Sunday, June 26: 13-year-old boy shot, killed in Bluffton.

- Sunday: Strong-arm robbery on Hilton Head of woman on bike.

- Sunday: Robbery of Hilton Head Island Papa John's Pizza.

- Saturday, June 25: Armed robbery of a reverend at St. Helena's Episcopal Church.

- Saturday: Attempted theft of property and attempted murder charge in incident in Burton off Broad River Road.

- Saturday: Hilton Head man shot.

- June 23: The less violent of this roundup, Hilton Head man arrested in mailed-pot incident.

- June 19: Beaufort Downtown Marina armed robbery.

As always, keep up with the latest in these unfortunate area tales in our crime section.

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