Beaufort man arrested at Congress Street home on cocaine, trafficking charges


The Beaufort County Sheriff's Office has released information about the March 2nd arrest of Beaufort County resident Naim A Halim on drug charges. 

According to numerous reports, a Beaufort-Jasper Multi-Agency Drug Task Force apprehended the 59-year-old man around 4 p.m. at his Congress Street residence on Wednesday evening, and was arrested on drug charges after authorities discovered about "70 grams of powder cocaine, two grams of crack cocaine, 40 grams of marijuana, 10 controlled-substance pills and $1,858 in cash," according to a statement released to the media.

The statement further revealed that Halim's bail had been set at $130,000, and that charges will be ongoing.

There's a number of press-release based reports circulating out there, but it seems as if The Island Packet's the most thorough; follow this link to give it a read.

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